Digital art: Drinking tea in Karuna


This is an illustration I painted for a spiritual community full of Chinese elements. This community is called Karuna and is located in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
Because the owner of the community, Luke, loves tea, he has tea and poetry activities every week, so I think this painting must have tea elements. So I took the community teapot as the center and drew an illustration of a group of small animals drinking tea together.
The panda represents Chinese culture. And this cat and dog are real small animals in the community, and I use them to symbolize everyone who comes to the community. The flying cuckoo is the national bird of Guatemala, symbolizing that this community also has many Guatemalan elements. This teapot wears glasses to symbolize that he is Luke, and he is pouring tea to these different animals, as a metaphor for him as a bridge, connecting many different people and different cultures with this community, and this is The karuna community gives me the feeling.

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