Hi, i’m Feng, I’m a digital nomad.
With 6 years of UI/UX design experience, I have worked for Alibaba, Lewa OS, Eleme, and other well-known Chinese companies. Extensive project experience. I am good at the design of mobile app. In addition, I also have relevant design experience in web, tablet and vehicle system. Besides work, illustration is also my hobby.



Senior User Experience Designer

Sep 2017 – Sep 2019

Participated in many projects, including:

Mobile Tmall app 11.11 program

Multiple shopping guide channels

Cooperate with mobile Taobao flagship store 2.0 project

Tmall mobile phone pull new retained projects

Cooperation with Alipay for the sinking user’s cross – end shopping small program Hui shopping project

Tmall IOT project

etc. (busy work, too many projects, not to list)


UI Designer

Aug 2015 – Aug 2016

Product UI design: responsible for the supply chain project for b-end merchants: Youcai. It includes Youcai APP at the “To C” end, the “To B” supplier’s back end, and the “To push” APP for the “To push” staff.

Website design

Brand operation design:Multiple marketing campaigns H5 design


Visual Designer

Jun 2013 – Jul 2015

Lewa OS mobile phone theme design (including lock screen, ICONS and wallpaper)

Lewa android tablet system master design (including UI, ICONS, wallpaper, website, publicity, etc.)

Lewa web design Operational design of the forum (banner, illustration, activity page)