“You will have bread, and you will also have IMPACT.”
IMPACT BREAD is an opportunity platform focusing on talent development in the sustainable field. I am very happy to help them build a small program based on the WeChat ecosystem.
This small program is used to showcase high-quality organizations and talents in the sustainable field, to help people in the industry, people and companies connect with each other, and create new opportunities.


The target user this time is Z Generation. In order to make the product younger and more accessible, I used more illustration elements in the overall design. Through the image of “young astronauts exploring the mysteries of the stars in the universe”, it is a metaphor for young people to find opportunities in life.

In order to increase the emotional transmission of products to users, I designed a mascot for IMPACT BREAD: the bread man. TA will run through each scene to form a short story, which will shorten the distance between the user and the product.

Core gameplay: send chance cards. When you encounter a talent you are interested in, you can choose to send a chance card to the other party. If the other party agrees to accept it, you will get the opportunity to establish a connection with the other party

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