Taobao Brand interaction


The Taobao APP is produced by Alibaba, the largest shopping APP in China. “Brand interaction” is the main position for brands to operate their followers in the Taobao APP “Flagship Store 2.0” project. It establishes an “intimacy” connection between the brand and its fans. Follower’ interaction, sharing, dissemination, and purchase have the opportunity to increase intimacy. With the increase in intimacy with the brand, users will be promoted from ordinary followers to intimate followers, thus enjoying more special rights of followers.


The thermometer is selected as the main visual symbol. When the fan is upgraded from an ordinary follower to an intimate follower, the color of the thermometer will change, and the metaphorical feeling will heat up. At the same time there will be tags of close followers.

Brand layering

Because there are many shops on Taobao, there are ordinary C-end stores and B-end brand stores (there are also top brands, normal brands, etc.). Therefore, the overall design should distinguish between these types. Ordinary shops with uneven design abilities use universal templates to ensure basic visual quality. The higher the tone, the stronger the design and production ability of the head brand will open more decoration space to show the brand’s individuality.

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